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Our organic based spray tan is evenly applied in minutes by a trained professional, dries instantly, is not sticky and will leave you glowing.

Full Body



Full Body “Express”

(develops in 2 hours)



Half Body



Full Body with Scrub



We are Mobile!

Ask us about hosting a spray tanning event or party!


Any waxing/shaving should be done 24 hours prior to your spray tan.


Exfoliate with a loofah or washcloth focusing on dryer areas (feet, ankles, knees, elbows).


Do not apply lotion, oils, deodorant, makeup, perfumes or moisturizing soaps (DOVE) prior to spray tan.


Bring dark swimsuit or undergarments (disposables are provided), loose clothing & flip flops to your session.


Solution/bronzer may rub off onto clothing but will wash out of most garments.  


Avoid showering, swimming, exercising, touching your tan for 5-8 hours, or 2 hours with express solution


Prolong your tan with a tan extender (especially with excessive water exposure).  Moisturize skin daily and stay hydrated.


Avoid excessive exfoliating, acid cleaners & chlorine as this will shorten the life of your spray tan and will become patchy/blotchy.  


Note!  Due to the bronzer you will find the water will turn brown in the shower.  This is normal, it’s just the bronzer, not your tan!

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