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Cellulite Reduction & Body Contour Wrap

What is it?

A body contour wrap it is a holistic detoxifying wrap. It uses your own lymphatic system to dispose of the excess waste that is trapped in the body, more specifically in our connective tissue. Every day we are exposed to toxins whether we are putting it in our body by choice or absorbing it through our skin or breathing, there are an extremely high amount of chemicals, hormones and pollution in our food as well as in the air. When the body’s circulation and elimination system becomes impaired, toxins and waste materials become trapped in the connective tissue. Stored toxins are permanently removed at a cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic system which creates a permanent loss of 4 to 14 inches, Nourishing the skin and contouring the soft 
areas of the body which will help with inflammation, Cellulite, and 

stretch marks.


Lose 4-14 inches
Improves circulation
Improves cellulite
Improves stretch marks
Improves of inflammation and pain
Boosts metabolism
Helps digestive issues
Improves Candida
Improves Fibromyalgia
Relaxes the mind and body

Gives you a boost of natural energy


75 Minute - $129


For best Results 4-6 Treatments

(3-4 days apart)

Pre Pay for 3 Get Your 4th FREE!

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